Prosecco-perfect pairings: Fish & Chips!

In another era, before Prosecco became so popular in the UK, it would have seemed blasphemous to pair the wines with the English culinary classic, Fish & Chips.

But today, with more Prosecco enjoyed in the UK than anywhere else in the world (except Italy, of course!), it’s not uncommon to see people serving Prosecco with this iconic and now international dish.

And it makes “perfect Prosecco” sense.

Venice, where Prosecco is considered the city’s semi-official wine, people eat a LOT of fried fish and seafood in general. After all, the Venetians have always been a sea-faring people and they live — quite literally — on the sea.

The natural, subtle salty character of the Glera grape, the main variety used in Prosecco, make it an ideal match for nearly any type of seafood. And the wine’s freshness and delicate bubbles really hit the spot when it comes to the richness of fried fish and seafood.

So the next time you plan to enjoy some takeaway Fish & Chips, reach for a bottle of La Gioiosa Prosecco. You’ll thank us.

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