Recipe: Mussels au Gratin (courtesy Francesca & Marinella)

We were just overjoyed (over-Gioiosa’d!) when we came across this wonderful recipe for Mussels au Gratin by Italian food and wine bloggers Francesca and Marinella, authors of Mad and Delicacy.

We love it so much that we wrote to them and asked if we could share the photo and a link here on the La Gioiosa UK blog (and they said yes!).

Here on our blog, we’ve written on numerous occasions about how La Gioiosa Prosecco pairs so well with seafood of all kinds.

And when it comes to matching mussels with the right wine, Francesca and Marinella’s recipe and pairing suggestion really hits the stop!

Click here for the recipe.

And thanks again, Francesca and Marinella, for letting us share the joy of Prosecco and seafood! We love your blog!

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