Taste La Gioiosa Prosecco with an expert Oct. 14 in London

We are pleased to announce that leading wine educator and top Prosecco expert Neil Philips, aka “the Wine Tipster” (above) will be pouring La Gioiosa Prosecco at the London offices of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust on Monday, October 14, 2019.

Click here for registration details.

Neil is one of the most dynamic and entertaining wine educators working in the UK today and he is an official ambassador of the Prosecco appellation.

Who better than him to share the joy of Prosecco?

The Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) “provides best-in-class education and qualifications to inspire and empower the world’s wine and spirits professionals and enthusiasts. We offer a comprehensive suite of qualifications covering wines, spirits and sake.” (Via the WSET website.)

Image via the Wine Tipster Facebook.

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