Scotch eggs and Prosecco? Try it. You’ll thank us!

Happy new year everyone!

Thank you for making 2019 a great year for Prosecco in the UK.

Now that the holidays are over and the festivities and celebrations are behind us, we are reminded of how much we enjoy Prosecco as a wine for every day.

Indeed, in Venice, where Prosecco is considered to be the city’s (un)official beverage of choice, food and wine lovers drink Prosecco not just for celebration but throughout the meal.

That’s because Prosecco is one of the most “food-friendly” wines on earth.

It has fresh aromas (a must for great Prosecco). It’s light and buoyant on the palate. It’s low in alcohol. And its finish is always refreshing.

One of our favourite pairings for Prosecco is Scotch Eggs, the ultimate bar food and a British classic.

Try it. You’ll thank us!

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