Nothing says “amore” like Prosecco

One of the things that we love about Prosecco is the way that it seemingly transports you to the city of Venice, Italy, where it is the wine of choice for locals and tourists alike.

And there are few cities on earth as romantic as Venice where gondoliers ferry lovers from all walks of life along the canals and under its many picturesque bridges.

We know that many of you are already gearing for your Valentine’s Day celebration with that special someone in your life. And we trust that you’ll agree: Prosecco is possibly the world’s most romantic wine.

Its golden color sparkles, its bubbles tickle the palate, and it brings instant joy to those who drink it.

Indeed, no wine says “amore” like Prosecco!

We’ll be sharing some of our favourite Valentine’s Day Prosecco pairings in coming weeks leading up to the holiday. Stay tuned!

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