Mexican for dinner tonight? Prosecco is just right…

It was just five or six years ago that Mexican cuisine seemed to take the UK by storm.

In 2016, the Guardian wrote about “the Mexican food wave sweeping across Britain.”

And as early as 2015, one food industry publication claimed that “Mexican food has knocked Chinese food off the top spot as the nation’s favourite foreign cuisine.”

With more and more of us eating Mexican food — good Mexican food — on a regular basis, it was only natural that we would look to the UK’s favourite beverage for a wine pairing (if you hadn’t already noticed, that favourite beverage is none other than Prosecco!).

And we discovered that Prosecco works BRILLIANTLY with this style of cooking, with its emphasis on fresh flavors, citrus, and spice.

The same way that freshly squeezed lime juice works so well in Mexican gastronomy so does Prosecco.

The wine’s freshness and its natural citrus flavors are the perfect complement. And the bubbles don’t hurt either!

The next time you sit down for a Mexican feast, try the foods with Prosecco and you’ll thank us.

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