The NEW Prosecco DOC Rosé is here!

La Gioiosa’s Prosecco DOC Rosé is made using just Glera and Pinot Noir grapes in amounts that align with those included in the appellation regulations.

The Pinot Noir must be grown within the Prosecco DOC appellation.

As for the classic Prosecco DOC, the Glera and Pinot Noir used to make Prosecco DOC Rosé must come from vineyards that have low maximum yields.

Prosecco DOC Rosé must be a vintage-dated wine (with “millesimato,” in other words, “vintage” printed on the label) and the minimum required time for lees aging is longer than that for classic Prosecco DOC.

The wine’s label must include the vintage.

For decades, other grape varieties besides Glera have been grown in the Prosecco DOC area. La Gioiosa has been growing Pinot Noir for some time now. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share its distinctive characteristics with wine lovers. For the production of our Prosecco DOC Rosé, we feel that it’s important to maintain the grape’s varietal character while also showing how it reflects the appellation’s unique terroir.

Wine enthusiasts across the world have been waiting for Prosecco DOC Rosé for quite a while. Now sparkling rosé lovers can enjoy the classic freshness and floral and fruity notes of Prosecco combined with the rose hue and red fruit notes imparted by the Pinot Noir.

“All the great appellations of the world have a rosé,” says La Gioiosa’s owner Giancarlo Moretti Polegato who also serves as a board member for the Prosecco DOC Consortium. He began advocating for the creation of a Prosecco DOC Rosé starting in 2009.

La Gioiosa is already well known as one of the leading producers of premium Prosecco. The addition of the Prosecco DOC Rosé to its lineup will allow it to make its bond to the land of Prosecco even stronger. A steward of the land, La Gioiosa is committed to celebrating the values and uniqueness of the extraordinary land of Prosecco.


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