Top German wine blogger and educator Louisa Maria Schmidt takes a deep dive into Prosecco.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to receive leading German wine blogger and educator Louisa Maria Schmidt who recently visited us for a “deep dive” into Prosecco.

Louisa, who studied the economics of the wine business in school, is the author of the highly popular wine blog Bring Flavor Home.

She recently traveled to Valdobbiadene where she toured our winery and vineyards and produced the following video for her site (in German).

And you can read her blog post about her visit here (also in German).

“Even if Prosecco is sometimes ridiculed by the sommelier snobs of the world,” writes Louisa in her post (translation by Google translate), “the Italian classic has a right to exist. In today’s blog post we clarify once and for all what the difference is between a Prosecco Frizzante and a Prosecco Spumante. In addition, we discuss where the Italian sparkling wine comes from and what vinification process is used to produce it.”

Thank you, Louisa, for taking the time and making the journey to visit us! Great post! We look forward to our next tasting together!

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