Two great Prosecco cocktail recipes from London! The “Jubillini” and a Bellini with a surprise ingredient.

La Gioiosa international export director Flavio Geretto just got back from London where he was attending a sommelier competition (as a sponsor, not as a competitor). During his brief stay in the British capital, he picked up not one but two original Prosecco cocktail recipes.

The first is the Queen Elizabeth II Jubillini, by Adamo Varbaro (above), mixologist at the swank Japanese restaurant Roka (Charlotte St.), created especially for the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

Ingredients: Freshly squeezed and strained nectarine juice, Giusti balsamic vinegar reduction, and La Gioiosa “Yvonne Ellen” Prosecco Rosè.

The second recipe he brought back came by way of Matteo Basso, head mixologist at The Malt Lounge & Bar (below).

Matteo shared a classic Bellini — the ultimate Venice cocktail — which a brilliant twist (no pun intended). Watch the video to learn his secret ingredient.

Congratulations, Your Majesty, on 70 amazing years on the throne!

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