“The engine of passion”: La Gioiosa is official wine of MotoGP in Tuscany.

La Gioiosa took its place in the winner’s circle at the Grand Prix Oakley at the Mugello race track in Tuscany late last month as the official wine of the event.

Lorenzo Moretti Polegato, son of La Gioiosa’s owner, Giancarlo Moretti Polegato, was on hand to take part in the festivities as the winners of the race enjoyed the legendary “bath” after completing the competition.

“The engine of passion,” said the elder Moretti Polegato, “the commitment to reaching excellence, and the party spirit are the elements that La Gioiosa and Grand Prix have in common. Their synergy makes this a moment to celebrate our shared values and we raise a glass to motorcycle racing.”

La Gioiosa was also present in the winner’s circle at the MotoGP race in Austin, Texas in April of this year. And the wines will travel back to England in August were they’ll be poured following the competition at Silverstone.

Stay tuned!

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